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Postby Kristin on Fri Mar 06, 2020 10:11 pm

Altered Carbon (current)

Arrow (2 seasons behind)

Big Bang Theory (4 seasons behind)

The Blacklist (current)

Black Mirror (1 season behind)

The Crown (1 season behind)

The Good Doctor (2 seasons behind)

Grey's Anatomy (1 season behind)

How to Get Away With Murder (current)

Lucifer (4 seasons behind)

The OA (1 season behind)

Riverdale (current)

Shameless (current)

Sherlock (1 season behind)

Stranger Things (current)

Supernatural (7 seasons behind)

The 100 (6 seasons behind)

You (2 seasons behind)

Completed Shows (since I started this list)

The Office

Red = Behind
Green = Caught up
Purple = Want to watch; have not started (or only seen an ep or two)
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