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Forum Guide

Postby Shadow on Sat Feb 02, 2008 12:50 pm

Commonly Asked Questions

Before reading these commonly asked questions it is recommended that you read the forum FAQ because it contains a lot of useful information.

How do I register?
Click here, agree to the terms, and then fill out the first five boxes and hit Submit.

How do I make a new post?
Go into the board you want to make the post in and click New Topic at the top of the board, then fill it out and hit Submit (make sure you do a search before creating a new topic).

How do I reply to a topic?
Go to the topic you want to reply to and on the top of the thread click Post Reply, then fill it out and hit Submit.

How do I create a poll?
Start the same way you would to make a post except at the bottom of your post click on Poll creation, then fill it out and hit Submit.

How do I get a picture from my computer onto the internet?
Go to imgur, Photobucket, or another image hosting website, and upload it.

How do you get an avatar?
First get the direct link to the image you want, if it is saved on your computer upload it first. Then click User Control Panel, then Profile, then Edit avatar, and then add it in the Link off-site box and hit Submit.

What is a signature?
The content under each post you and other members make.

How do I get a signature?
Click on User Control Panel, then Profile, then Edit signature, and then add it in the space provided and hit Submit.

What is a Private Message?
A Private Message or PM is a message that another member sends you. To check your messages just click x new messages at the top of the screen, from there you can click on the messages to check them.

How do I send a PM?
There is more than one way to send a private message, but the easiest is to go into your Inbox (by clicking x new messages) click New PM and then fill it out and hit Submit.

What do I do if someone sends me an inappropriate and/or disrespectful PM?
Forward the PM you received to one of the staff members. The person will first be warned, if they continue to do this their PMing privileges can be removed.

How do I become a moderator?
Just fill out the Moderator Application to apply for the position.

How do I become an administrator?
You don't. There are never going to be any more administrators besides the two we have now, you can still apply to become a moderator (see above).

Who are the administrators and moderators?
You can see a list of all the staff members here.

What are ranks?
The ranks are the text just below your avatar, they change with your post count. To learn more about the ranks here scroll down to the Ranks section of this guide.

How do I get a custom rank?
Once you have 2000 posts PM me (or Kristin) and request a custom rank. We have the right to turn your request down if we find it to be unsuitable.

Why do some members have a custom rank without 2000 posts?
Some members have been given custom ranks for contributing to the forum in some special way. Moderators are required to have custom ranks.

Can I change my custom rank?
Yes, just send me (or Kristin) a PM. Don't ask too often or your request will be denied. Your request will also be denied if we feel your request is inappropriate.

How do I change my username?
Go to your User Control Panel, then under the Profile tab click Edit account settings, change your username and put your current password in the space provided and hit Submit.

I have a question that isn't answered here!
If you've already done a search for your question PM one of the staff members, we'd be happy to help you.

Change Username Color

1. Go to the control panel.
2. Click Usergroups tab.
3. Select the color you like.
4. Click submit at the bottom right. Click yes.
5. Return to the previous page.
6. Select the color group you joined once again. (left circle, not right)
7. Click "Change default group" at the bottom left.
8. Click yes and you're done!

Custom BBCodes


Code: Select all
[center]what you want centered[/center]

I'm centered!


Code: Select all
[s]what you want to strikeout[/s]

Example: This is what strikeout looks like.


Code: Select all
[spoiler=what you are spoiling]the spoiler[/spoiler]


Spoiler for example spoiler:
You've been spoiled!

Note: If you aren't filling out what you are spoiling you do not need to include the equal sign for the code to work.


Click the link circled in the 1st picture.
And then you'll get the menu in the 2nd picture. Copy that url and post it between [youtube][/youtube]

Spoiler for Pictures for Youtube Code:


Important: Be sure the video you're wanting to use the code with doesn't have embedding disabled. An example of where to find this is below.

Spoiler for Pictures for Embedding:


The ranks will take you on an exciting journey with the many characters of Baldur's Gate. You start out with Boo, world's cutest miniature giant space hamster, meet many others along the way and eventually when you reach 2000 posts, Imoen herself will be waiting for you. More information about the ranks can be found here.


Style Banners
Bluebird - Mateo
Candy Stars - Mateo
Clementine - Salfondo
Crayola - Salfondo
Dark Secrets - Erika
Downtown - NatsuNoCheri
Electric Shock - Salfondo
Garden Path - Squidggle
Graveyard - Kristin
Green Tea - Erika
Hazy Days - Salfondo
Ladybug - Mateo
Lavender Dreams - Salfondo
Matrix - Salfondo
Simplicity - Kristin

Other Credits
Rank Images - Squidggle
Smilies - darkmoon3636
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