Pink Imoen Rules

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Pink Imoen Rules

Postby Shadow on Sat Feb 02, 2008 12:49 pm

Read these rules before posting on the forum. Rules are subject to change, members are expected to check back every once in awhile.

  1. Don't post anything inappropriate.*
    Keep things clean, this forum was made for users of all ages. Don't post adult material, this includes your profile, avatar, signature, and any links as well. While swearing is allowed, please use your best judgment. If you are unsure if something is inappropriate PM a staff member.

  2. Respect other members.*
    Be respectful to other members, no swearing, harassment, or threatening posts towards another person or website. If you have a problem with a user that needs to be resolved, do it through PMs or email.

  3. Respect the staff.*
    The administrators and moderators are members too and must be respected. Don't question their decisions. If you have a problem with a decision they have made PM them about it, don't make it public. Some back seat moderation is accepted, we know you are just trying to be helpful, but don't overdo it.

  4. No spam allowed.
    Spam isn't allowed here. This means useless posts, posts with one or two word answers, or posts with just smilies. Stay on topic (within reason) when replying to posts. Try your best to start your threads in the proper place. Name your subjects so they give other members an idea what your thread is about.

  5. Make your posts readable.
    Don't post entire messages in all caps (this includes the subjects). We understand that some things require variations in text, just use your head. Don't use any chatspeak. Also make sure what you write can be understood.

  6. No double posting or unnecessary bumping.
    If you have something to add to a post use the edit button and add to the original one. This does not apply to making updates. Or if the thread has not been replied to in a long amount of time. Don't bump topics that are out of date (e.g. Happy Birthday Skittles!).

  7. No multiple posts.
    Try not to make posts about topics that have already been covered. If you're not sure if a topic has been covered or not yet, do a search.

  8. No excessive quoting.
    Do not quote large amounts of text, edit it so that only the parts that are relevant are in the quote. Do not start or participate in quote pyramids. Try not to quote the post right above yours all the time. Do not quote an image if it is still on the same page as your post.

  9. Only one account allowed.
    Only one account per user, duplicate accounts will be deleted. If two (or more) members of the same household belong to the forum please let me know so that we don't accidentally delete the other account(s) thinking it's you.

  10. The link in your profile.
    Do not use the link in your profile to link to any inappropriate material. Also do not use it to link to any sites that would make you look like a bot (search, advertising, medical, or casino sites). If you do any of these, your account will be removed, without any warning.

  11. Avatar and Signature sizes.
    Please use common sense with your signatures and avatars. If either of them are too large you will be asked to change them. If you don't change them after being asked, the admins have the right to change them for you. Signatures must be within 250 pixels in height.

  12. Don't steal the graphics.
    Do not steal our graphics, this includes the rank images, the usergroup buttons, etc. If you'd like to use a graphic, ask me for permission, and give credit to Pink Imoen, with a link.

  13. Questions about the forum.
    Before asking any questions about the forum be sure you first check to see if your question has been answered in the Forum Guide. If it hasn't then try a search before asking.

  14. If someone breaks a rule.
    If someone breaks a rule, please PM one of the staff members about it. They will then decide on what needs to be done. We aren't very strict, so don't expect to be banned unless it is something very serious.

*Breaking rules one, two, and three will get you warned and can later result in a ban, whether temporary or permanent depends on the case.

If you have any questions/comments on the rules, PM me.
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