Roleplaying 101

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Roleplaying 101

Postby Kira on Mon Jun 09, 2008 10:24 pm

Roleplay Rules

First of all when playing please follow the Pink Imoen Rules.

  1. Be sure to check the first post (either of the actual roleplay or in the OOC/Sign-Up post if it has one) for any rules and/or guidelines before you join in. Each roleplay may have different rules and guidelines that you need to follow.
  2. Be respectful to other members. Don't be mean to people if they don't have good grammar and such, they will get better over time.
  3. Please don't make your roleplay too sexual, unless you say so first! This site is rated PG13 and we need warnings for members who don't want to read that.
  4. Don't change things or try to make the roleplay go in the direction only you want.
  5. Don't post too often, unless it is a small roleplay. You need to give other members a chance to play too.
  6. Please don't PM other members to post. If they want to post they will. PMing them isn't necessary.

How to Play

Okay roleplaying is actually very simple. Basically someone starts a story with a character, then another person adds to the story with their character. It can have a bunch of people or a few, and there are a bunch of different types of roleplaying.

You are more than welcome to join in! This is especially true if there are only a few characters or if the roleplay has just started out. Don't be afraid to post! A lot of the members here are beginners. We will all be very helpful and understanding. If you are unsure whether you can join a roleplay in progress, PM the person who started it and ask them.

If another character is in your part, try your best to keep them in character. If you are talking out of character (OOC) indicate this in some way, one of the most common ways is to use double brackets --> (( )). A good tip is for everyone to use a different color for their parts.

Most roleplay is done in third person, so unless the topic starter has said otherwise, assume it is. Ask the topic starter before using multiple characters. You can use NPCs (Non-Playable-Characters) while roleplaying.

Also don't be afraid to start a roleplay. We all have to start somewhere. And the more people starting roleplays the more options and the more interactive this board will be. Don't hesitate, just start writing your idea, then post it.

If you have any tips or anything else I could add, or a question regarding this, please PM me or another staff member, thanks.
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