Spellhold Rules {Read First}

Random: Under the command of the Cowled Wizards of Amn, Spellhold is where the maniacal members are kept. This asylum also houses illegal deviants, found practising magic without a license, and is insanely difficult to get out of.

Spellhold Rules {Read First}

Postby Kira on Tue Jun 03, 2008 6:17 pm

Got your attention, didn't I? :P

This is important to keep you from looking like an uninformed idiot. Even though this section is for more random/spam type posts, you are still expected to follow the forum rules: Pink Imoen Rules. Get it? Got it? Good!
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[17:54] K: I think you know as well as I do that I'm having a hard time with the friend thing.
[17:54] K: It's nearly impossible for me.
[17:55] C: Why?
[17:56] K: Because I simply can't let go.
[17:56] C: What do you mean?
[17:56] K: I'm still getting over what we lost. And it's really hard to be around you and try to be just friends.
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